YOU Have Affected My Life – By Trevor Martin



I think at times we forget how much everyone around us has affected our lives for the better. Even not using the term ” We are one” , have you ever thought about the fact that literally, you are the people you have come in contact with throughout your life? As in, everyone has taught or altered your whole thoughts and emotions about everything around you, so who you are is literally everybody you’ve sometimes seen and or met, we make and build each other.

My mother was the first person to show me love. To this day she has taught me what it is to nurture people and to be calm and loving always. I am thankful to know what it is to have a loving mother, and it has altered my life in ways that I could have never imagined. I respect mothers more for who my mother is. I will be a better father for what my mom taught me being a parent is. I will also know how I want my future could be wife to be too my children, as I know my mom did her very best to raise us with love and respect, and still does to this day. I can respect art and love for music as I was raised in a house of art, as my mom has always been creating various pieces of work, even now, and was singing in church and a traveling church group since I believe, before I was even born.

Women, girlfriends have taught me what it is to love a mate. They, YOU, have opened me up to know what it is like to wake up and think about someone. If I never would have met the women I have I would never know how good things could be. I would have never known what deep open heart love was. I would never know sacrifice, I would never know what it is to miss someones touch and smile. Last but not least I would never know what it is to try my hardest to keep someone around and fight for the love I want. I would never know what it could feel like to want a family with someone. I would never know how good it could feel to let someone know they are my everything, and I would never know how good it felt to be loved unconditionally.

My friends. Without my friends, I would never know what fun was. My friends taught me what it is like to enjoy someone truly as they are. My friends taught me to be open and accepting of others as I have always been allowed to be myself around them. My friends taught me to allow people to share their thoughts with me, as I have opened up to a lot of friends in my life. My friends taught me how to laugh until I cry. Last but not least, my friends taught me that time and space will not break a relationship with a person you enjoy and respect.

My father. My father let me know who God and Christ were. My father taught me the backbone of how serious a house hold and family unit is. Since he showed me who Christ was, I from a young age wondered about life and reality and what it was to be alive, and wonder, the beautiful life of wonder. My father taught me that life can still be happy sober, as he walked a pretty narrow path, And honestly, I am so thankful for that, as I could have fallen very hard with the amount of love I had for alcohol at a young age. My father taught me tough love, as sometimes we need to know when boundaries have been crossed. Last but not least, my father taught me to respect women, as he always said ” never, ever, disrespect your mother or sisters.

I am who I am because everyone made me. I am thankful because I can love more people in various ways, because I know you have pieced this Frankenstein of love together. I can die knowing I have loved learning from everyone who has walked the path with me, behind me, in front of me, and or beside me. I can rest at night knowing I am loved and cared for, and that means the world to me, it really does, thank you, for real.


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