Love will come to you when you stop looking for it??!! LOL ok.



People will always tell you when you stop looking for love and it will come… I would say the exact opposite. If you never put yourself out there to be loved then how is it going to come? If you are offered an opportunity to let someone you would be interested in, be interested in you, and you were not open to the flirting or the advancements that may be coming your way, how can you expect to find anything?

People don’t think that the way they carry themselves can be read by others. You know, people can sense and or see through your physical and facial features whether you are open for business or not. Most people don’t know it but as animals I think we subconsciously all read each others subliminal messages. If you are not interactive, if you are not smiling at someone, if you do not shoot some flirty words at someone, if you are looking down. They will see it, and or they will feel it. Even if you don’t say a word you have already killed your chances by showing up and not showing anything.

Lets say I had a thing for someone, if I did not bring that up, and put it out there, how would they have ever known? Sure, sure, you may be rejected, but isn’t an answer better than not knowing at all? You would regret more the words you did not say, than being rejected for speaking your truth, if you never brought it up the wonders of what may have been would eat you. And if someone is not into you it should not take away your love for yourself or ruin your ego. Why? because it really does not mean you did anything wrong, or that you are ugly, or should have said anything different, it just means that person likes a different style, has nothing to do with you, you are you and someone will love you for that :).

You know, as people most of us already place ourselves in many boxes that keep us from being fully expressive to others around us. This is one category to leave yourself completely open to, how bad do you want love? If a situation comes along and YOU feel something there, doesn’t matter what sex you are or not, you should open yourself up to see whether the other party feels the same or not. Many times you would be pleasantly surprised.

“Stop looking for love and it will come to you” HAHAHAHA that is like saying stop looking for your missing wallet and just hope someday you find it. That shits important to you is it not lol of course! so why wouldn’t you go out and get the love your looking for? That’s like saying ” Your daughter has been missing for  three days but stop looking and she will just come home”, would you do that or start a search? RIGHT??!! So begin your search, just don’t be creepy. What is creepy? If it become clear that the person is not into you, stop pursuing, simple.

If you wonder whether you deserve it or not, DON’T! As I’ve said before, we have all messed up, but through what we have done, we still deserve for someone to love us for us. And if your looks bother you, know that there are a million different degrees of what people love, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a million people out there who love you for you.

But really!! What are you going to be waiting for? Shit to fall in your lap? Someone to think that behind that tough shield you put up that you are looking for love? For someone who you showed no interest towards to think you are interested?

And it is like anything else ” I cant do it now because I don’t have enough money”. What ever it is, we always make excuses not to push forward in life because we keep waiting for something to boost what and who we think we are. The leap of faith is huge here peeps.

To go further, just look into someones eyes as you talk to them about love. Some that are married are still missing it and craving it, most single folks are also looking for it as much as you are. That should be enough of a push since you know that we are all searching for that other person we can fully express ourselves to. Know the other is looking for you as much as you are looking for them. If you never ask, the answer is always no. Love is alive in most people on this earth, go find the person who has been waiting to love you 🙂


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