Can you see it? Will you accept the moment?


Talking to a friend tonight and a sad thought and story was brought up. She could remember a time when she was young and heard her mom say ” I just want a family” and as a little girl she thought “we are right here, we are your family :(“. She felt alone and not cared for.

Some people live in a world made of pain and darkness. Some are so lost in the mix of not seeing what is in front of them, that they keep running scared, lost and sad through life, thinking what they have is not even close to good enough.

A piece of me says life is like a movie playing out and all we can do is watch it and allow it. Yet, on the other hand, we have the power to change and alter A: Our perception of people and our world around us and B: A piece of our direct reality.

Lets break down how people treat you and how you react. Some people, as shown with the above example, have been born into a dark world, why it happens to some and not others is most definitely a subject for another blog. They are born into families where no love can be found, therefore no love can be taught. Some sadly just living out their days awaiting the time when the reaper comes’a knock’n.

In Buddhism there is the idea that an “evil” person can be reincarnated as a hungry ghost. A hungry ghost is said to have a belly the size of a mountain and a long throat too small to ever fit food down. So the ghost roams around never feeling fulfilled because it never gets what it and its belly is craving. Never happy, running on an insatiable craving for more and more and more.

Could that be why some are also born rude, mean, or never happy? If approached by one of these souls there are a few things to understand. There is how people treat us and there is also how we react to them. If we can be compassionate enough to understand the pain behind some angry masks, we can accept the person for how they act, if all they know is pain and insatiable thirst, can we always expect them to change? Should we? Is that our job?

On the other hand, doesn’t it seem like the grass is greener is a plague we all have to fight day in and day out? But then the question comes up that we would ask a “hungry ghost”, can you see the beauty in front of you? Or are you going to feverishly search because you are never happy with the beauty right in front of you? Can you love what people can give to you, even if they give in their own select way? Can you love even if the other person does not have the same view of love that you do? Can you accept and love where you are RIGHT NOW? Can you see the beauty regardless of the darkness?

You see, as I’ve said in another post, we are all broken, and a piece of us fights the “hungry ghost”. We are all beautifully broken. Can we see each other through the broken wounds and love the bruises we have that make us individuals? Can we see through the rough sides of people and see that we are all trying our hardest? I am not saying hang or be with a person who treats you horribly, but what I am saying is, broken is ok, a rough day is ok, a stubbed or broken toe is ok, so is a broke down car. Regardless, can you see the beauty that still shines through the darkness? Can you see it? Will you accept the moment?


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