Why do we feel alone in a world full of people?



Something has been reoccurring as I speak to friends lately. So many are feeling alone.

When we are younger, still in school, our lives are surrounded by friends and class mates. We live for them, phone stuck to face, weekends packed with so many opportunities that we don’t know which one to choose from. Friends are our life, our everything. Perhaps family growing up too, they are there, we hang with them, always around in arms reach.

And with time, comes growth, with growth comes change, with change comes distance. Friends change schools, family move out of the house, worst case scenario some on both parts may pass away.

We, most of us, go to work and have the blessing of experiencing companionship there. We may go to church and have the love from our friends there also. Perhaps we grow up and start the whole thing over. Have kids, a family, they have friends who have friends, who go to work and have friends there.

Some get divorced, some have been widowed, some had to move away from their home, and some, well just don’t have the resources to go hang with the crowd.

But you know, all around the mulberry bush, no matter if the circumstances be flourishing or diminishing there seems to be a gap, a missing link within many people, myself included.

Why is it that we feel so alone? Doesn’t it seem like the human condition is somewhat dependent on the connection with other human beings? And then another question comes to mind, do we like each other?

How is it that people can be everywhere, unless your a mountain man, or stranded on an island, and we are not connected to them? They walk passed us, feeling alone, we look them in the eye, feeling alone, yet there is no interaction to say, “Hey, I know how you feel, I feel the same, can we make each other feel whole for a moment?”

Have we fallen so deep that we can be right next to each other and not give a shit about who the other person is? Is that who we are as humans? Why are so many committing suicide, they feel so alone. What if someone was there to just let them know they cared?

How is it that we have some married couples who know nothing about each other, together, yet they feel completely alone, when all that needs to be done is a little “Ey, I’m still here”

I read a status the other day “What would you do if you woke up one day and were the last person left on earth?”, what if you woke up one day and felt alone in a world full of people? How about this one. What if you woke up and realized there were a million people you pass each day that you could let know that you are there for them, if only for a moment in passing, if only to walk them to their car, if only to pic up that dropped lemon, if only to smile at them.

Is this who we are? Is this the love that we have all longed for? Why the fuck is it still like this? Why do I feel alone? Why do you feel alone? Don’t get me wrong, I am not at wits end and feeling lost beyond belief, I’m actually doing perty well, but that does not mean that here and there I don’t crave to just feel like someone is there.

Is this compassion? Is the issue here that we all are so worried about ourselves that we cant even imagine the thoughts and feelings of another? Is that it? How, how can it be that you can tell someone you love them, yet never let them know they are not alone? Why is it that we cram ourselves so far into invisible bubbles that if anyone gets in our space we just plow over them like they are fucking meat, just hanging meat?

I don’t know if this is happy writing or not. All I know is it saddens me that I hear this so often from so many people. As I do in a lot of posts like this, I’d like to reach out. I am not a saint, nor am I the nicest fellow lol But if you feel what I wrote and you have a day where you feel like the last person on earth, email me, personal message me. I’m here, and if I’m not here, I’m always around 🙂

My Email – trevormartin030@gmail.com

My facebook – https://www.facebook.com/trevormakesensemartin


One response to “Why do we feel alone in a world full of people?

  1. I enjoy my own interests and contraptions, I enjoy the time I have to myself, I enjoy being with friends and family…but in the end I always feel alone…
    No matter how many people just left the house, no matter how many I left behind, no matter the event I just partook in, I am not…I am just Me, and I am the only one who can relate….to the selfish me…still alone…one amongst a billion-billion, one amongst the selfish me, one amongst all the others, even amongst the Me.

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