Know Thyself, Love Yourself


You have to dig deep down inside yourself and find a reason why you think you are important in this world, find your place, find your passion, understand that deep down all of your problems stem from a lack of love for yourself. Everything in life is about how much we do or do not love ourselves. Would you let people use you for sex if you loved yourself deep down? Would you let your job talk down to you and take your rights away everyday if you knew how important you really were? You do not have to really know where to start and how to begin changing your life. You just need to realize how important you are in the grand scheme, and all else will fall into place. Loving yourself only leads to more of the same. Of course what you thought will crumble around you, but after the dust has cleared you will know a new you, and you will have a new appreciation for yourself.

You see, from a young age we are not taught how to love ourselves, but how to love things outside of us. We love our parents, we love our friends, we love our clothes, we love our money, our play time. But how often are we taught about loving who we are and what we were born with? I mean how often do we even think about what we really want? How often do we really think about how we are treated? How often do we look past all the material stuff and look at our inside desires and beliefs? Often times our desires and beliefs are given to us by our family and society around us!

People, especially a lot of women crave attention, crave the acceptance of others. We look to others to let us know if we are pretty, attractive, sexy, worthy, funny, artistic, hard workers etc. “Do you love me, do you, do you?”, “hey boss, do I work hard, do I, do I, do I deserve a raise??” “Do I look good in this?” etc. If we really knew our worth, if we loved ourselves, if we knew our own talents and how awesome we were, would we need to ask everyone around us? Think about that, our societies whole image as individuals is all based on what other people say we are! In turn most people are not themselves at all, they are a built construct created like a doll with emotions and that pees on its own!

Why is there so much divorce??! It is actually obvious when looked at from a distance. Most of us are born without any love for ourselves. So from the get go we are in search of someone else to give us importance in this world. This leading to extreme co dependance problems everywhere we look. So as talked about above, we spend our relationships pushing the other person to show us our importance, every single day, we play games with each other to see “how much does he/she really care for me” and we put others through a whole slew of tests to prove to us that we are special enough. Why so much divorce from this then? Well, when you live a life searching for yourself in others, you will never be satisfied because deep down you have no idea who you are, the marriage, the relationship will be destined to fail because you are climbing a ladder that is never ending. The happiness your searching for in someone else cannot be found if it is not within you.

You are one in like 7 billion, think about that, think about how important and select you are. Like a grain of sand picked out from a beautiful beach of millions. You, you are here with all of your uniqueness that is all you are. You are not like anyone else who has ever lived. You have abilities sure that others may have had, art etc, but will anyone do it like you? will anyone love exactly the way you do? Can anyone alter the world the way you can? Who are you??!! What do you enjoy about you? What do you want to do while you experience this existence for the little time you have? Do you like who you are? If not what can you do to better yourself? Are you with the person you are with because you need to be reassured of your importance??!! Can you love yourself through thick and thin, till death do you part? Will YOU never give up on loving yourself no matter where you may take yourself? Will you promise to never cheat on yourself by looking to another person to do for you what you can do for yourself?

Love you, for you are the most important person in your life. It is hard, times get rough, and at times we just want someone to be there. That is ok, but never forget there is always someone there for you 🙂 ❤

– Trev


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