My truth about the Bible hurts – By Trevor Martin


You know as well as anyone else that many of these people have been Indoctrinated and will never release this co dependency,unless showed book upon book, documentary on documentary of different ideas. The thing I have learned about 95 percent of Christians is that they have never really contemplated the Bible or the contradictions. Or the fact that it consists of cult blood rituals in its entirety.

A man told me once ” shame on you Trevor, to think America was shaped on God”. Clearly this man had no idea how God came into America. With boats and guns, leaving a trail of blood. lets play out the scenario. ” Hey Mr White man, I love you”, White man “you have to believe in Jesus as your savior and renounce your beliefs”. Indian – ” Sir we cannot do that, but what we can do to make everyone happy is combine ours together and we will all be content because we wouldn’t force anything on each other.”

And then the new world turned to blood, and the men killed the Indians. This goes on until today. The Salem witch trials were to kill off more people who didn’t believe what they believe. Its been said that 60 million people died at the hands of the Bible. Not to mention the 650 laws that must be kept to be a “child of God”, nobody keeps them all, and the contradiction is hilarious, because if people really believed the Bible, they would know its saying everyone goes to hell. My brutal opinion is that the smartest thing the “devil” could have done was hide himself within the writing of the Bible.

Its a literal blood sacrifice cult, that is why people cant think differently, they are enslaved. Lastly, when ever in history have we said or thought “it has killed 60 million people, kills all who object to it, hates women and shuts off and down our natural human nature, but it sounds awesome, lets follow that and teach our kids that stuff too!! Sounds sooo fun!!.”? I only left because I studied myself out of it, I looked through all the dark hallways and found all the death and denial that hide behind the cross, and thank something I was able to get out right before I became too righteous to ever leave.

P.s. Do you think there is really such thing as separation of church and state??!! HAHAHAHA This country is the Bible! “In God We Trust” to ruin your lives. Why do you think your life is filled with toil and work day in and day out? The protestant work ethic came in and made all leisurely activity a sin. Mans plague for sinning in the garden of Edan is to spend his days in the dirt. Why are women cared with less respect than men? Because women’s plague for sinning in the garden of Edan is to bare children and work in the house. “They cant drive because there is no road between the bedroom and the kitchen” type of mentality. Why have young adults before the age of any type of knowledge been thrown into marriage? Control, it has been control from the get go, sin is everything else.

All of these new age spiritual movements are all like “let everyone do what they do, because we are all one” *smile, smile* Ugh no, why would we still back this plague that has ruined most of the world? “Trev, Negative creates more of the same thing” Ok, well you can sit back and let this be ok but when I left my church I promised my pastor that I would make it a life goal to protect people from such evil. I will not stand by idle as these things are allowed to happen. No I’m not afraid to speak my mind, that’s the reason our country is still like it is, people just standing by allowing everything, I will not.


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