My friend my beard –


My beard holds the truth that no one else can see
At times I feel alone when people are next to me
They ask me questions in they’re form of respect
They only want an answer so they can talk next
Convos filled with tax papers my sister got a raise
Don’t even know my dad but she gets a kiss on her face
All because of money “good girl go gain”
I’m like “trying to save the world”, “not important, go play”
My nephews come to me, because I show them the sun
“Uncle I wish you were my dad, You’re always so fun”
They think “immature”, While I think “mind pure”
They think “gimme more”, while I think ” Give you more”
I’ll go play my mind off in wonderland
I’ll never know you but I’ll always wonder man
Money money money, money and greed
People die everyday never planting one seed
I wont be a part of it and I wont fuck’n back it
My beards got my back, cold world gimme jacket

– Trev


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