Falling into alignment and embracing empath skills – Trev style


Gradually as I became aligned with my inner being I gained knowledge into the world I was also inhabiting. When I say alignment I will not go into spirituality as that can cause some people to get lost. I mean the moment I awoke was when I started to act outwardly as I felt inside and began to live my life according to my plan and no one elses. This to me is a good basic definition of awakening.

Then the energy came. I started to actually feel the energy that had been guiding me my whole life, I just never knew what it was, but when I looked back I could see how I was guided by an inner voice, I just didn’t listen, or know why it happened. I started to be able to “read” people, very well I’d say. I had wanted to deny this “gift” for a good long time, as I felt “weird” or arrogant, thinking I had been blessed with something. But as time went on I began to read a whole lot about being an empath and absorbing energies, as we all are energy, this is basic science.

The issue I had to learn to deal with was the fact that I knew a lot about people that  they didn’t even know about themselves. So as most empath research says, I no longer went along with societal lies and pleasing words people spewed to each other. I looked at people for who they were not who they claimed to be, still do.

At first I thought, ” hm, I can help people grow if I let them know about themselves”. And then like seeing a red light at the last minute SCCCRRRTTT, that caused huge issues. I realized from many conversations that people did not want to know about themselves lol People did not want to break out of who they “thought” they were, and it wasn’t my place to force them into that position.

This put me in a predicament with the family and friends I had known, or could know in the future. I started to see many peoples true intentions and it hurt, still does. I only sank more into learning about myself and the skills I allowed myself to open to. What will I do with what I have now? I will help guide others who want to know how to be their true selves. I will help people see pieces of themselves they never knew were there. I believe that all people who open up to some “higher knowledge” have an obligation to assist others, especially being alive in this day and age.

This  could just be that I learned how to read peoples body language and facial features to an almost 100 percent accuracy or the empath thing is real. All I know is if embraced it can be the most amazing thing to have access to. I can no longer hang around people who claim one thing and do another. I can no longer date women who are not aligned with themselves. I now can find a life filled with love and like minded individuals who love me for who I am, and also people who don’t run around in lives of lies, because now I know who people are. This is not a blessing only certain people get, like some religious bull, this is something everyone can experience, but the only way to see through others is to first see through yourself. Will you?


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