Welcome to zombie land, Welcome to a world of souls who sit back while their surrogate bodies die…


From the moment we are born, we are taught how to be consumers by our parents. Baby showers, shower the mother with an overabundance of crap to provide for the child when it drops out of the vagina. So right when that baby opens it eyes its looking at money and all the bullshit it needs to keep itself happy. Then the child learns religion and learn how to suck the cock of the masses of drones. Then the child is placed in school and trained how to be a mass consumer. Taught in classes how to balance a check book, and how to write papers about the most stupid shit ever imagined. Never taught about being free, never taught how to be an individual, never taught how to treat themselves or others and never taught what emotion is. So this child grows up as a robot, emotion, less.

Then kids are  taught at home that if they do chores, they will get money to go buy shit they don’t need. Parents, as the book The Four Agreements suggests, Had already been through years of manipulation so that’s how they raise their kids. They teach them that life is work, leisure is sinful, as the Bible states also.  Life to the average human being is a conveyer belt in a warehouse. Each person is a consumer product that goes along this belt without ever thinking, without ever wondering what the hell they are doing. And who buys the human being product? The government. They are the consumers at the top of the totem pole. The saddest part of it all is that if you are the one robot who some how gains the higher knowledge to know that you’ve been set up. You are outcasted. Just like the 2001 movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Haley Joel Osment. So kind of like Will Smith in the movie Legend, everyone else has died and you are left alone, fishing for hope in a hopeless lost world that has already given up their lives. As will did, you sit in your basement day after day searching for a cure for this disease that has affected the entire world around you. He finds one good soul and all he knows is how to be afraid of her. How are people ever supposed to relate when some are zombies?

Do you remember the movie Warm Bodies,when the boy starts to have feelings again? His heart begins to pump again and his goal is to save the human he knows and loves? Remember when he smears blood on her face so they can walk to the plane together and be safe? As she walks passed the zombies, they stop, they look at her all funny, they are confused. Just as people are when they see someone who has unplugged from the machine, like the movie The Matrix, just as people are when they see someone jump off the human conveyer belt. The human has forgotten what it is to dream. People have forgotten how to be kind. Evolution over time has caused people to have amnesia and forget at all what it would feel like, to really feel again. In The Hangover The three men woke up to find that a whole bunch of shitty shit had happened to them while they were out. They were acting without thinking, hurting people and going on with their lives not even knowing they were doing it, they didn’t even have the choice to know. People’s life is like the hangover without all the fun.

What are we doing? Is this really what our lives should be like? Is this really pleasing you? Is this really what you think life should feel like? Your answer will either be something from a place of denial such as, “I’m not a slave, I totally chose this, I could quit” Or it will be something sad like ” We have to do it and we have no way to live without this system”… Before you say I’m depressing, before you say I’m crazy or wrong, Let all these images of movies and rough similarities sink in. And then come talk to me, lets see if we can find a non violent way out of this bullshit. I have not given up yet…


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