Sadness And Lack Of Self Love are The Issues Here!!!


The plague of our generation is not Obesity, it is not unholiness, it is not lack of “God” and it is not violence, but it is the underlining virus that causes all these things, sadness and lack of self worth. I see it in the faces of the mothers, I see it in the faces of the children who are left alone in their rooms sad because their parents are too sad with life to reach out to the love around them. I used to see it as I drove my forklift down the isle of my corporate job, Ive seen too many blank stares.

Sadness has led us to religions that kill for honor. Sadness has led us to jobs the like of jail time. Sadness and lack of self love have led us to sexual crimes, horrible marriages and the over whelming idea of “must have more kids” to fill our hole in ourselves. People think a ring means someone else will love them instead of loving themselves. Many folks have kids because they are looking for “the person that will love me unconditionally”, the vicious cycle keeps going.

In Christianity I often here a phrase used that I’d like to elaborate on because I think its used falsely and is misleading and coercive. “Everyone is born with a hole within themselves and we have no idea how to fill it, the only way to fill that hole is with Jesus”. That’s crap! What we are missing is the love of ourselves and the freedom to be ourselves. We live in a world that tries to make us something different than we are.

Its not about some Blue jean wearing guy floating in the sky, that is a mask of the real issue here. It’s not about finding a vagina to put my penis in so I love myself more. Its not about marrying some schmoe Joe who treats you like shit just so you feel the love of someone else you don’t have for yourself. You shouldn’t be running around Letting dudes squirt jizz on your face so you feel special. All these things are only temporary. As jizz washes off faces, our temporary fixes to our inside issues will also fade and go down the drain, leaving us feeling sticky.

To heal so many world issues we must help others to realize their beauty. To fix our lives as Tobias Lars would say, “we need to heal our fucking shadow”. Look inside, What the hell is going on in your life? Is everything crashing or flourishing? Everything we search for outside is only out of lack for what we are missing in ourselves. Find yourself, dig for your inner child, have fun more, live more, laugh more. And say fuck more, its a good word that can be used in a multitude of various fun ways. BE YOU!!!!!


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