Why are people careless, rude and highly unethical to each other? Why is the happiness of others never peoples first priority? How can people be so completely rude?!


From a pretty young age I started to sit back and watch. Watch how people treated each other, watch how ridicules they acted, and have seen a string of things. In school we are taught various bullshit methods of handling life and others around us. And the things that we do “need” to learn are way over done and smashed into our brains. First, you lied to us about the creation of America, you lied about us killing and enslaving everybody we have ever crossed. You lied about why the presidents were assassinated and about what life is in general.

To go further, why the hell do I need to know what x equals??!! what the fuck has that done for anybody but some type of chemist or something. Cursive… Have not used it since I was like 13. Ok, done with that rant. I was horrible and dropped out of math at a young age, if someone was to ask me about large number multiplication I probably wouldn’t know the answer, or even how to comprehend such a thing.

Lets use that example to push us towards emotion and compassion. Did school teach you anything about being kind? Didn’t school mostly teach you how to be an arrogant ego maniacal “HERE’S MY A!! LOOK AT IT” type of person? Many of our families also are created based on superficial conditional love ways of living. We are thrown into a world of people who were raised to be dicks since the beginning.

Can you see now how when you bring compassionate ideas to some how they cant even comprehend what your trying to say? Can you see now why the world is filled with such heartless folks running around shitting on everyone, never worrying about their feelings? You know what makes me feel alive? Fun and making someone else smile and have fun. Do you see now why so much leisure has been labeled as sinful by most organized religions?!! They too knew nothing else but hidden anger backed by the word love, how else were they to teach others?

I write this because it is whats been on my mind daily as of late. People are fucking Dead. I believe that love makes us the sentient beings we are. People have never been taught what the hell kindness really is. And they run around fucking each other, dead at age 25 once they realize “its to late” for them to ever change, they have been caught in the Matrix

Luke 12:53 says – “They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

Mothers treat their kids like shit and they go on treating others like shit. Fathers go to work never talking or getting to know their sons and the son is left learning about the world himself( my life story). This has got me to a good place of not judging so much. For now I am understanding that the people who steal from me, don’t know better. The father who remains distant has no idea what a connection to a child is, for his father never taught him.

The people who said one thing and then totally fucked my ass, knew no other way how to handle their situations. And I can work to forgive people now knowing that just like myself and math, they were never taught how to love, or never really understood how to love with true intentions of another happiness. So how would they even know what love is? why would they even care if someone is suffering. All they knew was revenge.

I think it was Eckhart tolle who said something like “treat everyone as if they were already enlightened”. Meaning (for me) that everyone does the best they can with what they know. A piece of us has to accept that so we don’t run around laughing at these people or holding animosity towards them. I will not back a rude person but I can understand them for doing what they think is right. I think if people knew how wasted their lives were, they wouldn’t be doing such stupid shit everywhere.

This doesn’t mean any of us “kinder” folk should allow anyone to walk all over us. All this means is we can understand the issue here, and teach when asked.


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