Trev, Sex 101

If you take the time to really look at the people around you, you will know right off the bat if they are going to respect you. You should be able to see a shady man or woman from a mile away, body language, their first words to you, and their last. Its always obvious but we tend to not listen to our internal GPS, and end up hurt. Don’t sell yourself short on love, you will have it and you deserve it. But don’t be giving awesome bj’s and letting dudes fuck you in the ass, buying them shit, if they don’t even respect you, or kiss you on the mouth!!! After giving all that you have given, the other person should want to at least kiss your mouth. If they cant, they don’t feel the same way you do. Things don’t always have to end in a serious relationship, but still if two people are going to be putting their dicks and vaginas on each others faces, they should be nice to each other and at least have respect for one another.

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