Relationshit 101

When anyone, woman or man has a deep issue with a father figure it puts a hole in the person’s heart until they figure out how to heal it. For women, their lack of a father figure, leads them to go find penises to make up for a male person in their life, whether he be there but was abusive, or left when they were young. These lead to huge co dependance problems and this fear of “who else is going to leave me just like my dad”. It causes anxiety and obsession towards the opposite sex. People look for a mate just to have that figure there, even though they may hurt them, abuse them, rape them, cheat on them etc. This is something to look at when analyzing your relationships and life down falls. Of course you can move passed it, but you have to first know where you are stuck. You see, you’ve risked your happiness to fill a missing gap.


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