What is life? what do people really know? Are there real truths? Can one actually be positive about anything??


This is something that comes up often, and to be frank, after all of the studying Ive done, Ive come to realize that all of life is only a perception, an opinion. I think humans know only a tiny piece of the real reality underneath our own existence. I think most are guessing, religion,science, spirituality. You see I have come to one realization that we are living in some type of illusion, which can be compared to a dream, and that is only an opinion of mine lol but its what seems the most legit to me. So I really cant answer questions without leaving it open. I’m not sure if we live multiple lives, since time only exists in human form, life without life or a body would be non linear so nothing would go in order per say, so how would anybody know that there is a linear cycle to life after one run around is finished. Ive heard this before but what I have learned from a lot of study is, that we all really have no idea whats going on, NO ONE LOL and we all just create images to fit our lifestyles. Are there Aliens? Seems to be but I’m not certain. Do we even live on after death? I think so but I’m not positive at all. Are we alive now or do we think we are alive and are floating through the abyss of expansion and uncertainty, hmmmm Its all a guess, that is why I decided to live it exactly according to my rules. Because we have the power to mold this, we each know as much as anyone else with credentials, I believe. And you would think that coming to this conclusion would scare me, actually it makes me smile because I realized that I need not worry about what anyone else has created or followed, because they know as much as I do. I can be my own leader now and I love that. And the best part about this illusion is, its all kind of a fun game to see how much of ourselves we would like to express before our time is over, Because that is really all we have, self expression the question of “who am I?” or “who do I want to be?” and if we choose to be fully expressive, this life can be heaven. I really went on and on with that one, but it felt good 🙂


2 responses to “What is life? what do people really know? Are there real truths? Can one actually be positive about anything??

  1. Bravo, Sir! Life is a mix of reality and dream. Discerning the two can reveal wonders. This life can be heaven? Oh, yes. “The kingdom of god IS spread upon the earth and men (and women) do no see it.” -The Gospel of Thomas

    I applaud your blog and your approach to break boundaries without fear and find your own path. Keep rolling!

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