Mind states are like prostates


Thinking we have all the answers is the key to the breakdown of society, leading us to believe the ways of others are below us. If you were not so stuck in your own sense of reality would you hate homosexuals? NO! because you would understand that their way is just as right as yours. If you were open to the idea that God could be everything you think “he” is not, would you hate other religions and cultures??NO!! If you thought more about the opposite sex would you still have a superiority complex towards them? NO!! If you looked and saw that money doesn’t make a person, would you ever judge someone with more or less than you??!! NO.

Mind states are like prostates, squirting jizz in the eyes of anyone who thinks differently causing them to be blinded from their own truths. And until we realize not everyone wants jizz in their eyes, we are fucking everyone around us!!


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