We are living in a simulated reality!!



In a way it’s seems as of the past two years, that science and spirituality are coming to a head. Scientist are searching for specific answers to the same kind of questions we are asking as spiritual seekers. What is this place? How do we create happiness, and feel better? James gates, an American theoretical physicist, has come out to say that he has found a mathematical equation underneath the fabric of the universe, a calculation of ones and zeros like a computer program. Gregg Braden speaks of this underlining grid and how we can alter it, in his book The Divine Matrix.


        Have you noticed the extreme jump in technology in hmm, let’s say the past 10 or 15 years? Let’s use video games as an example. We went from people and buildings looking like square blocks, to people having skin with rain that beads off of it when rain falls. Or they have shinning sweat running down their faces while they are running. They may have to eat, or sleep and make choices as to whether they should have arguments or be kind. Then we advanced to the motion sensor systems that live and breathe off of what we actively do.


        Add one hundred years to our technology; can you even imagine what we will have? Example, the movie The Thirteenth Floor. The story goes. A man creates a simulated world in a computer, where people go on throughout their daily lives acting as if they are free, ran by themselves. One day a “human” from the simulation goes haywire. When he tried to reach the outer limits of his society, he realized at the end of the road, there was only a wall. The wall led to nothingness, the end of the program. It was a simulated computer grid, as shown in the Matrix movie. The simulation began to ask himself the same age old questions. “Oh my God, what am I? What is this place? He couldn’t stand the truth that everything he knew was a hologram. The man who created the simulation noticed this and his mind began to wonder. One night he himself, in the “real world” goes to drive to the end of town, only to realize his whole life too, ended at a simulated wall, a grid of simulated mathematical calculations.


        A man in real life created a computer program called life, not to be confused with Life the board game. Life simulated human life with a computer species. These species would breed, eat, move and run along a computer grid, with shapes looking like the old calculator game Snake. If we can mimic life through computer and alter DNA, who’s to say we could not clone a whole species and have them acting as if everything is so real?


        Let’s use two video games as an example, Mass Effect and Skyrim. In games like this, you play as a character you create. You shape their body and facial features such as, scars, their nose, facial hair, head hair and color, and lips. You alter every visual aspect of them. In Mass Effect you can choose their persona or backstory of history. Next you are thrown into a world that is beautiful. Terrain as far as the “eye” can see, Trees, clouds, shooting stars, evil people, good people, heroes and villains, basically everything in the “real world”.


        Your job in some of these open ended games like Skyrim, is to find out who you are, to contemplate whether you should help others or help yourself. You can steal, rob, kill and deceive people, or you can give charity or help someone around their barn. Each side causes significant future implications depending on what path is taken. In some games you can get married or have families and the child will look like the combination of mother and father. Imagine, just imagine adding one hundred years to our technology.


        How do we know we are not some simulation created by some species on a higher plane then us? What if our future human species learned how to make surrogate bodies, so they wouldn’t be harmed by outside sources? Life could be all a dream or we are in the dream now and someday we wake up. We could be dreaming ourselves or some outside source may have learned how to create life, through spirit.


        All we would need to add to this almost “virtual experience” is some connection, like The Matrix, that could connect your senses to a machine. I don’t think we are far from that now. This would be a simulation in which you would kind of go into a deep sleep, and once your “consciousness” switched over, you wake up, a different person. A person with a whole new world to explore as you wish, a world in which everything is an illusion but feels so real, kind of like the movie Inception.


        Can you see how this links in with the whole idea of life being a dream? There is so much talk of us not being our bodies, when we die we wake up to our true selves. Our universe is made of computer code a holographic grid. What If we die and just wake up in our game chair or real body like “holy shit, I won, I beat it, I beat the game, and I did well.” Or we may come to with a negative feeling, such as “damn I had the chance of a lifetime and I blew it, oh well I’ll play again after lunch, or I’ll try harder next time”. As karma and many other near death experiences suggest, we do see our lives over again. Then we go through some type of grieving process or have a happy excited feeling, depending on our actions. Seems in some way that we do reap what we sow during this type of dream. And the affects seem to be reality altering.


        It probably sounds like a cruel joke to put ourselves through, but if the “real me” knows the true picture, it’s really not cruel at all. What if the goal of the game is to realize it’s not real at all?  What if when the Bible spoke of God and the devil, it was a parable for our heart fighting our mind to convince us that this is all just a ride? Has technology come to the point where it is also telling us about our true nature?


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