New verse hot off the presssssss!!! Titled Lock Box

In my mind is a lock box, brain blown, pop rocks
Hard shock, heart stop, click clack on top
Wont stop the bars are hot jumped ship train spot
Took a ride was homicide, now I’m back, I’m alive
I’m the guy on the rise, built a dream now come inside
Realize its all a lie, break your chains now multiply
Surprised at my mission, I was searching out religion
Ive been Piss’n in the wind and now my face is get’n hit’n
I was fishing up stream, my ears blow steam
Pockets so dry need cream, I’m so clean
I’m seen yet invisible, hollow man incredible
Picking up the pieces put the cheeses on my vegetables
By cheese I mean money, hip hop like a bunny
Sunny in Phili, I’m silly drink’n now I’m funny
Honey say you’re my twin flame, heart black Ving Rhames
Been sane old days, new Trev old craze


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