Q – How do you know what direction you should go in life? Or do you stay where your at? What is the difference between following your ego(Mind) and following your heart (Spirit)

A – Its something I myself find pretty hard to explain, for I didn’t know what it meant until the day I was able to differentiate between the two. Your heart, spirit, or inner voice will always guide you, always, the key is to start noticing the difference between your thoughts, and your spirits thoughts. Did you ever have a time when you knew you shouldn’t be doing something? And then you did it anyways and ended up heartbroken in the long run because you didnt listen to your first thought ? Almost like “omg, I knew this would turn out this way”, or “damn I knew I shouldnt have done that” The problem with the way we lead our lives is we go based upon the chatter of our minds, and silence the voice that counts from within.

The mind always tries to find the easy way out, regardless if your going to be hurt in the long run… The “heart” no matter how hard the path may be, knows what is best for you and will take you wherever you need to go to find that happiness. The reason most of us stop listening to our hearts at a young age, is because many things that we are guided to do, are not aligned with the social norm. For instance, how many people do you know who live in sorrow? How many people do you know that are in an unhappy marriage?? how many people do you know who are at a job where they are treated like dog pooh pooh??? So many right?? Thats because its a lot easier, in a way, to not take leaps of faith out of situations, its easier for people to stay in self made hells, rather than take the steps in an opposite direction, so most folks go through life being dragged around by others, while the whole time neglecting what really matters for them.


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