Have I gone crazy and the rest of the world is sane? Or is it the other way around??


Various times per week I question who it is that has gone off the deep end, myself or the majority of people around me? I quit my job about a year back to focus on art that would create thought in the minds of folks world wide. Do I make a lot of money? No, actually at this very point I make none. But I would like to express a few things that make me wonder if I have stepped into an episode of the twilight zone.

What is my job? What is my profession you ask? Well, I am an artist who uses my gift to help others think for themselves to live more fulfilling lives. I consider myself at this point of my career a gypsy type. Go where I am welcomed and where the wind blows.

Enough about me. It boggles my mind that I could put my effort forth into something so sacrificial, something to be honored, yet still be met with “Trevor, your not doing enough because the only way to be an active member of society is to be making money”. Two people close to me that I was living with instead of believing in what I have chosen as my path have said “want me to put you in a homeless shelter”. This to me boggles my mind, two different people who have more then enough to “assist me” in my dreams didn’t want to have anything to do with me. This puts me in a strange place as I am not, a drug addict, a thief, lazy, manipulative, rude or without motivation to continue my work, working almost all day everyday trying to help others. My work, most of it, can be seen on this site or Facebook. 

I see everybody around me scurrying around like ants, with no idea what they are doing. Wasting their lives in a warehouse, bad marriage, with unloving friends and family, and I am at a lose for words that people think I’m strange because that is not the life I have chosen to live. Twilight zone??? YES!!  Because how is it that everybody has sold their souls, and the one who doesn’t want to is left to rot in a homeless shelter, or on the streets?

People waste all of their time, ALL OF IT, doing nothing for anybody, buying shit they don’t even need, hanging with people who could care less about them, and here I come to help, and I get ” YOUR 27, GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET A ‘REAL’ FUCKING JOB!!!” Almost like people are completely blind to all of the hard work I have put in. Not to mention the fact that when this all comes to fruition, money will start to flow in!! And no one sees this.

I guess it shouldn’t shock me, Gandhi, Jesus, Lennon etc. all were killed for trying to live better lives, for themselves and others. But is it not strange that nobody sees that they are living for nothing? Another thing I would like to point out that is funny to me, it seems to me like if your not living by someone else’s standards, your not living right, whether you are doing something honorable or not. Let me explain, most people are living off the help of someone else, 100%. Some people live with their parents, some people live off the government, some off their girlfriends or boyfriends, some illegally. So, what makes me, an artist looking to start a career in life coaching through art, what makes me a bad guy? I also need help like everybody else in this world. But whats the difference?? I needed to rant again, here it is.

Strangest part is it seems to me like my life has taken a turn for the better, I internally am doing better than I ever have, its just strange that people on the outside see it as something else, that is where the twilight zone comes in. oh well


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