The dark side to your reality

The dark truth behind “the man” and his evil plot

government and religion were created by the same people, schools were also created by the same people, the goal? to start you off at a young age in a group setting, building you up to be a slave
as a child we are so fragile, and they break us
tis why most people you know have no idea whats going on around them, they never knew anything else
they created terrorists to take our rights away by telling us they are helping us, and fighting for “our freedom”.
our country was formed by insane religious zelots who, from the get go, killed everybody who thought different
this has always been its plan
the salem witch trials
thanksgiving was not us eating with the indians, we killed them because they didnt want to change who they thought god was
an estimate was done, religious war, christianity specifically has killed over 60 million people, and its been justified because they back it by saying “god said to do it”
911 was stagged
had to be
if you havent already checked into that, look up the movie Lose change on youtube
abraham lincoln tried to adjust the problems and the illuminati killed him off, same with jfk and fuckin john lennon
when we one world war two, we didnt lock up all the Nazis, we hired them to work for us
that is when we learned how to blow people up with nuclear bombs, that is also when we started using propaganda, media and everything else to begin slowly hypnotizing everybody in the country
look it all up and you will see the truth
all books of god are myths, no one can really know who or what this thing is, but someone decided to play god and tell everyone else who he was
for their own gain
there is something watching over us, i do believe we live on after death, i feel it, do you?
but people all the sudden wanted to put human triats on something so much more bigger than us
and that fucked shit up
drugs were created to kill us off
aids too
it was a plan to start a decline in birth rates in the world
hep c also was created in a lab
over population was the worry of the people trying to control.
the army, is made to handle to the dirty work that the “higher ups” need to carry out their plans
murder is never justifiable, ill argue that till death
but we have made it something to be honored
what they did was offer people a bunch of bells, whistles, money, loans, discounts any where, why? because they had to use something to convince so many people to die for an unworthy cause
business, is the same, you give up everything you love, to slave, legal slave trading, you give up your life to slave away never enjoying it, and once again people think that’s honorable
do you?
I don’t, at all
sad thing is people fight to be involved in all these plots, why? because they are hailed as “great workers” they are raised higher up in society when they give more of themselves up to the ridicules cause, so since everyone always wants to be better than the next man, they run at the opportunity, to kill, steal, cheat, die, starve, fight, hurt, lie.. all because the higher ups have made it cool to fuck with others lives
you see, its easy, if you make something popular, no matter what it is, bad or worse, everyone will run to do it, why? because everyone is riding the coattails of everyone else around them, they all wanna fit in, so they will do anything to be part of the “new in thing” cant you see this, look around.Image


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