My rant on the state of our societies!!!

I thought to myself one day “Why would I live out my days in a concrete jungle with no windows(a warehouse) to pay for a house I would never be in, and start a family I could never see because I would spend all of my time slaving away for someone who in the grand scheme didn’t give a shit about me??!! How have people allowed themselves to live in such ways??!! How is it that people do not see that slavery never ended, it just evolved??!! How do people not see that we never conquered the Nazi’s, we just hired them!!?!?!? How is it that people dont see that the way they are living their lives, saving up for retirement etc, is a scheme that can almost never be reached??!! Why? Because the slave lifestyle does not promote long life!! They will never live long enough to even reap that benefit!! Its all a bunch of scheming and brain washing!! Not to mention if you do live until retirement youll be way to bitter and worn out to appreciate the beauty in the world!!! More folks need to start living free at a younger age!! When we still have the energy to change the world!!!

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