I have a few things to say to inspire people who are trying to get healthy and lose weight. First things first, Ive talked to many personal trainers and “health nuts” over the years and have gotten a lot of suggestions as to how I should approach losing weight. People think you have to abuse your body with some crazy next best thing like p90x, Im not saying p90 doesn’t rip people up, but that form of “beat the shit out of yourself to get healthy” scares people and in my opinion scares people away from the fact that they can do it other ways. Thinking “omg if i have to do all these crazy things, thats just too much”. First off, you don’t have to do any crazy amount of things!. Another thing is I always hear ” Its too expensive to eat healthy”, these are excuses, let me put it this way, when you eat bullshit food filled with gluten, preservatives and gmos etc, THEY CAUSE YOU TO BE MORE HUNGRY TO EAT MORE!!! let me say that again EATING SHIT FOOD MAKES YOU ADDICTED AND YOU NEED A LOT OF IT TO GET YOUR FILL!!! So when eating healthy you don’t have those huge cravings as you would when eating a bunch of bullshit, so, its cheaper because you buy less food, you eat less. Another thing a lot of women do is just not eat to get skinny, that shit will fuck you up and you’ll end up passing out from malnutrition. You can eat, JUST WATCH WHAT YOU EAT!! Instead of bread use lettuce, if your a snacker eat fruit for sugar, if you feen for salt, eat gluten free or organic cage free lunch meats or chicken to get your salty taste!! People want to say you have to work out a million hours a week to lose any weight at all, NOPE!!

Another thing, don’t think you can eat bullshit and lose weight easily, as an example, I started working out with a friend about a year back, she was a supposed personal trainer in her past. She said that I didn’t need to eat healthy and that just working out would be enough. Well, I ate healthy and worked out every other day and she continued to eat burgers every day and work out. I dropped weight extremely fast, she did not. Yes you’ll need self control, but it is worth your health????!!!!! How bad do you want to “look good naked?” how bad do you want to feel good??!! How bad do you want to fit into that dress you’ve been wanting to wear??!!! How bad do you want to feel sexy??!!! Fuck’n make that change home girl, take that plunge home boy!!!!

If your over weight or have body issues, bones issues, arthritis etc, do little things here and there, water aerobics etc, little things will help you. that’s the problem, we think we have to beat the shit out of ourselves, this reminds me of the religions of the old that said you had to starve yourself and whip yourself in order to know who “God” was(people still do it today). All that shit is overdone and overrated, take baby steps. Me? In about three months of running, light weight lifting and eating organic and gluten free, I’m pretty sure Ive lost around 25- 30 pounds. I only run every other day for like 20 minutes, and when I get tired, I walk it off until I can run again. You have no need to fear “all the hard work” its not really hard at all. Everything you can think of as reasons not to get healthy is an excuse, that’s all your doing if you come up with reasons not to help your own life. You either do or you don’t! There are a million big and little things you could do to fit your life style. Another thing my sis said to me after I got back from Colorado after two months away eating organic and working out, “TREV, you look like your 18 again”!!. Don’t make excuses, its not hard, anyone can make the change.


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