Smile more, love more, live more :)

ImageYou know, I know how you feel, on my personal journey I too want to change the world. I want to be like Tony Robbins helping crowds of people live a better life, am I? Not really.I’m broke living on my mothers couch, but you know, just being alive and giving kind words to somebody can change the world. Its good to want more but what Ive seen in my personal journey is that I have to be happy for the impact I am making now, the way I do it, whether it be big or small. The day will always come, but we must just continue making the impact we can with the resources we have been given and we can be happy knowing that we are doing the best we can.
Smile more, tell yourself before you go to bed that you love yourself, that you’re proud of yourself, that your doing your best, that you can and will get where you want to go. And you know, another option is always altering the path, there is a saying that says something like If you continue to do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten”, so myself, Ive chosen the path of change, to embrace myself and be prepared for when my moment comes, if it doesn’t, well I’m still doing my best with what I have, and so are you!!


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