New song – The time is now

Art is so beautiful, its better than a cubicle
Biting my fucking nails down to the cuticle
Stress on my face, I lace up my boots
I’m fighting the machine cause I’m searching for truth!
I’m so used to waking up fearing everyday
Now I’m a child in every way, I’m here to play!
They say I got integrity, I stick to my guns
Like hand grips, extended clips, crips and bloods
I feel the love from people I never met
But my own family dont understand me yall, its blood and sweat
Sometimes I forget what Ive been blessed with
A place to lay my head and food for my lips
I never thought Id be close to being on the streets
But Ive never loved something so much to give it all of me
Ive seen the mountain top, the fire in the bush
I’m tired of sitting around its time to make the push!!


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