The Road Less Traveled

ImageI was driving around today and a couple of things came to mind. While driving I saw store upon store of various objects that can be bought and sold, noticing how many choices we have when in comes to consumer products. Its very cool that when it comes to clothes, food, jewelry etc. we have the option to be our most unique selves, when it comes to material goods. Why then, when it comes to our lives as a whole, do we choose the path someone else set for us? We live it without at all questioning the many paths that are offered. We can be and do anything we want in our lives. Instead we choose to follow everyone else into dark warehouses, crammed cubicles, faulted religious backgrounds, horrible relationships etc. We have choices in everything we do, yet we decide to never think twice about what we want to do or where we want to go. The true nature of your being is freedom, the true nature of our lives should be beauty and miracle. We all as individuals need to take time out, stop thinking about what others want us to do with our lives and become the inner uniqueness that is our true nature. Never think you have no options, your life can change in the drop of a dime, and it can be anything YOU want it to be, I myself choose freedom, love and honesty. – Trevor Martin


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