Your internal G.P.S

cancun out the window - cloud versionIntuition, spirit, discernment, empathy, in a way I believe it is all kind of the same thing.We, at times get an inner feeling as to what direction we should take. Whether it be leaving someone, not taking or taking a job, moving, or it may be a feeling of “stay away from that person”, but we must learn to follow these feelings. If we don’t, we can cause ourselves and people around us a lot of pain. You can go back at times and look deep and even see “holy shit, I new this was a bad idea, I figured this would happen”. The future can always change, you are never stuck, if you slip, get back on the horse and keep riding, listen next time, for the sake of your happiness, I know I will, its pretty much the most important thing in my life, to begin to quiet my mind and listen to my heart.


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